If you have a legal situation, you might be unsure if you need a lawyer. While it is possible to represent yourself in legal matters, there are plenty of important reasons to consult a lawyer. If you think you might need a lawyer, contact one to discuss your case and see if they can help you. ESR Law Group in Chicago offers free case consultations.

When do you need a lawyer?

Injuries: Were you in a car accident? Injured at work? It’s best to contact a lawyer and discuss your options.

Medical malpractice: If  you believe you or someone you know is a victim of medical malpractice, contact a lawyer immediately to discuss what happened. Read this for more information about medical malpractice.

Legal questions: Do you think you were illegally fired from work? Or have another legal question? Contact a lawyer to discuss what, if any, options you have.

Contracts/business operations: If you are starting business or entering into some type of contract, it might be worth speaking with an attorney to make sure everything is done properly.

Why do you need a lawyer?

Get the facts: A lawyer can give you up-to-date information about the laws that pertain to your situation.

Know your options: A lawyer will help you figure out what your options are and the pros and cons of each one.

Witness and expert testimony: Lawyers have a network of professionals that can provide expert testimony for your case.

Negotiation and settlement: Lawyers now how to negotiate and when taking a settlement is the best option. When people do not have a lawyer, they might be more inclined to take the first settlement offer they get which may not always be in your best interest.

Avoid issues from the start: Some people don’t go to a lawyer until they are already in a legal mess. Many times these issues could have been avoided if they had hired a lawyer from the start.

The law is confusing: Having a lawyer ensures that documents are being filed correctly and on time, evidence is being properly documented, and a lawyer knows when to challenge evidence that is brought against you. These things are all confusing and can be difficult to figure out on your own.

ESR Law Group is Chicago’s personal injury law group. We specialize in personal injury, medical malpractice, and Workers’ Compensation. Contact our office today for a free case consultation.


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