A Deposition is sworn testimony of a witness documented by a court reporter for use in court and during discovery.  Depositions usually take place in attorneys’ offices. The attorneys ask a series of questions about facts and events related to the case while being entirely recorded word for word.

Advantages of Depositions:

  • Answers are made under oath, so you can discredit a witness who changes their story at trial.
  • Deposition provides the opportunity to test out certain questions for witness reaction and how they may answer at trial.
  • Facts you may not have been aware of can be exposed in deposition and bring to light additional evidence to help your case.
  • You can ask questions that may not be admissible in trial, but are important to your case.

Only a skilled attorney can use the deposition to win or settle your case.  The key is in preparation and presentation.

Here at ESR Law Group, Ed takes the time needed to not only formulate the questions, but to anticipate the possible answers and always be at the ready for any direction the deposition may take.  Taking a good deposition is an art that can make or break your case.

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