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Safety Tips for Winter in Chicago

Sadly, summer in Chicago is over and winter is on its way. While the summer heat can cause safety issues, the cold winter temperatures can also make unsafe conditions. Here are some safety tips for winter in Chicago.

Did you know the coldest temperature recorded in Chicago was -27 degrees on January 20th, 1985? Also, the coldest wind chill ever recorded was -82 on December 24th, 1983.

Safety Tips for Winter in Chicago

  • Make sure heating system in home/office is working properly.

  • Have food and water stocked in case of power outage.

  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm, or make sure existing one is working properly.

  • Prep car for winter and make sure to have extra blankets in your emergency kit.

  • Warm up car before driving.

  • Drive safe! Check road conditions before heading out.

  • Wear appropriate winter clothing., including gloves, hats, and scarves.

  • Walk with your hands out of your pockets to help keep balance if you slip on ice.

  • Check temperature and weather conditions before going outside. Listen to local news for warnings about extreme cold.

  • Be cautious when shoveling snow as it can cause injuries.

  • Rock salt and kitty litter can keep sidewalks in front of homes and offices safe by melting ice and creating more traction.

Hypothermia and Frostbite

If you believe someone is suffering from hypothermia or frostbite, call for medical help immediately. For hypothermia, typically the person will be shaking a lot. Move the person out of the cold and warm up with clothes and blankets. For frostbite victims, move the person out of the cold and remove any wet clothing. Read more about hypothermia and frostbite here.

While winter in Chicago is cold, it can also be a fun time to go ice skating, sledding, and build a snowman! It’s just important to remember to stay safe.

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